To get started with Via Home Care is easy. Our process has been refined through years of working with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to make getting the help that your loved one needs as easy and painless as possible. To make getting started with us as easy as possible, we’ve developed a four step process to make things simple and straight forward.

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Reach out

Our customer support specialists are knowledgeable and happy to talk to you. We can give you a detail overview of the services that we offer, answering any of those initial questions that you might have about what home care can do for you and your loved one.

Set up a free in-home assessment

The next step in the process is to set up a free in-home assessment with one of senior team members. These experienced professionals come to you or your loved one’s home free of charge to evaluate the needs of your specific situation. There’ll be a chance to talk about your concerns and to discuss a plan of care.

This complimentary service is a powerful way to help get your loved one on the path to the critical support they need. Bringing someone into the home is a big step for many of us, particularly when you don’t have any experience with home care. Our free in home assessment offers a way for you to transition to home care feeling more at ease.

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Caregiver match

Once our free assessment is complete, our team will begin the process of matching a caregiver to your needs. With our match system, our care managers carefully review our caregiver profile in order to facilitate the most effective caregiver to work with your family.

This is truly the heart of our process, and families all across the Bay Area find that the conscientious care that’s given to putting the right caregivers with the right families gives them confidence and trust that’s unbeatable.


Start of service

Our care manager will be there on the start of service to introduce you to you caregiver, we will follow up two (2), seven(7), and thirty (30) days later with a visit to our clients home to make sure we are meeting your expectations.  Once a routine and quality are in place, the care manager will make random unannounced visits to assure quality of service.

Our Rates

We provide a custom care plan specific to each client’s needs and budget. Factors that help determine the exact cost are number of hours of care per week and the level of home care services received. Our normal hourly charge is between $30-$32 per hour. Our services are billed on a weekly basis. To find out the exact rates for your specific case please contact our office to set up your free in-home assessment.