Personal Care

Oftentimes, seniors and the disabled are uncomfortable having family members support them with highly personal tasks like bathing and toileting. Having a caregiver outside the family network to help with these duties allows these individuals to maintain his or her sense of dignity.

Some personal care examples include:

  • Bathing and Hygiene

    It's no surprise that good personal hygiene is very important to the physical and mental well-being of all of us. Our caregivers are specially trained in personal hygiene and other personal care services, and always focus on preserving the dignity, comfort, and health of each client.

  • Walking Assistance, Mobility, and Posture Positioning

    Our clients benefit from regular movement which results in improvements physically and mentally. This movement helps with digestion and circulation, and stimulates the mind with new sights and sounds of different rooms or the fresh air of outdoors Our caregivers carefully consider the physical limitations and comfort of each individual's ability to walk, climb stairs, get in and out of vehicles, chairs, beds, bathrooms and other routine movements. We also make sure each client maintains proper posture for eating or while sitting and reading or watching television.

  • Toileting Care

    Our specialized caregivers are trained and experienced in assisting with urinary and bowel care, with the utmost attention given to a client's comfort and self-esteem.

  • Oral Hygiene

    Our caregivers can help our clients with mouth, gum, and denture care to encourage better overall oral hygiene. Caregivers will carefully brush and floss teeth, gums, and the tongue, as well as the removal and replacement of dentures.

  • Regular Visits, Conversation, and Company

    Having a regular visitor with common interests or other special qualities can be something to look forward to on a daily basis, and this can make all the difference in the world to someone living alone or home alone during the day or night. This can be as simple as walking and talking, watching movies together, or even a trip to the bowling alley for the adventurous. We match the caregiver to the clients' interests.

  • Medication Reminders

    Our caregivers cannot administer medications, but they can provide regular reminders for oral medications or injections and the monitoring of side effects or other medical issues.

  • Special Diets, Meal Preparation, Eating Assistance

    Cooking and cleaning up is our job. Our caregivers can prepare regular meals focused on maintaining a healthy diet and sufficient nutrition. We are happy to do the shopping and prepare meals per the client's specific direction or meal plan, or we can get creative with other healthy options. In fact, we encourage and provide incentive to our caregivers to take cooking classes. Due to some of our client's physical and emotional challenges in the ability to perform basic functions, like the act of eating, our caregivers provide exceptional sensitivity, care, and safety for these challenges.

  • Light Housekeeping

    Safety and cleanliness in the home are very important, and our caregivers provide services including vacuuming, dusting, trash removal, organizing and tidying. We cannot do such tasks as lifting or moving furniture, or washing windows, but we are happy to provide quality referrals when asked.

  • Laundry Services

    We clean and organize clothes and linens. Our caregivers can do the wash, dry, fold, and organize clothing, bed linens, and towels into closets and drawers. Laundry can pile up fast, and can be difficult to manage for people due to physical restrictions. Let us help keep the home clean and safe.

  • Shopping, Errands, and Transportation

    Stocking the refrigerator with fresh goods from the grocer, getting medications at the pharmacy, and a trip to the doctor are typical services in this category. But some customers also need a ride to a friend's home, a movie theatre, or various other social and recreational activities. Our caregivers provide a safe journey using their own vehicle, or if required, the client's vehicle. Proper insurance and clean driving records are checked and mandatory.

  • Mail and Paperwork Organization

    We can help when the mail is piling up and bills are not being paid. At the specific direction of our clients, our caregivers can assist with opening and reading mail, keep track of bills and other important documents, and help to organize household mail and other paperwork.

  • Technology Services

    We also offer unique technology to supplement our caregiving service which can bring loved ones piece of mind. Client's families can see exactly when caregivers have checked into and out of the home, and review any notes the caregiver may have taken. The caregiver can also receive specific notes from loved ones on what to watch for or relay special needs for the day.

  • Respite Care

    Families need a break to maintain their own health. This is critical as caregiving can be immensely stressful. We can help relieve this stress of caring for a loved one by providing a much-needed break to primary caregivers.

For long distance family members

Through our online family portal, your loved ones will able to monitor and keep track of everything that in-home caregivers are doing for your loved one.  We keep open lines of communication between your family, caregivers, and via home care.  That will bring peace of mind you our families knowing all of the needs of your loved one are being met.


Family portal allows you to have access to:

  • Review daily/weekly/monthly schedules
  • Review tasks in real time
  • View every shift with the caregiver’s profile picture
  • View clock in and clock out times
  • Review invoices
  • Track medication schedules
  • Listen to caregiver voice memos